Before Jane Eyre

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Compelled by an unforgiving father to leave England for Jamaica and there marry a woman he had never seen, Edward Rochester nevertheless vowed to be independent and make his own way in the world. After years of despair, Hope prompted him to take a different path. But after ten years of wandering and no closer to finding his dream, he resigned himself to solitude. Then, on a frosty winter's day, he encountered Jane Eyre, the fiery young woman who captured his heart and changed his life ~ forever.

About the Book

A neglected second son, Edward Rochester struggles in the shadow of his elder brother, whose jealous intrigues poison everything he touches. When Edward’s long-cherished love and hopes for happiness with a childhood sweetheart are crushed by those intrigues, he is devastated.

Seeking to blot out the bitter failure, Edward takes the path laid out by his father and flees England. Certain he will never return, Edward embarks upon what becomes a fifteen year odyssey driven by the hope he might one day find such a love again.

But when one disappointment after another weigh him down until he is resigned to a loveless existence, Edward finds himself returning to the family home he had once forsake, never imagining that what awaits him there will change his life—forever.

Series: Edward Rochester, Book 1
Genres: Fiction, Historical, Romance, Victorian
Tag: Coming Soon
Publisher: Imaginality Press
Publication Year: 2022
Format: Kindle
Length: Novel
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About the Author
R.Q. Bell

RQ Bell is an author of historical and speculative fiction.