Thornfield’s Pocket Chronicles

Thornfield’s Pocket Chronicles

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Compelled by an unforgiving father to leave England for Jamaica and there marry a woman he had never seen, Edward Rochester nevertheless vowed to be independent and make his own way in the world. After years of despair, Hope prompted him to take a different path. But after ten years of wandering and no closer to finding his dream, he resigned himself to solitude. Then, on a frosty winter's day, he encountered Jane Eyre, the fiery young woman who captured his heart and changed his life ~ forever.

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About the Book
Series: Thornfield's Pocket Chronicles, Vol 2, Book 2
Genres: Fiction, Historical, Romance, Victorian
Tag: Coming Soon
Publisher: Imaginality Press
Publication Year: 2019
Format: Kindle
Length: Novella
About the Author
R.Q. Bell

RQ Bell is an author of historical and speculative fiction.

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